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Dir: German Kral

Our Last Tango is the story of the two most famous dancers in tango’s history, María Nieves Rego and Juan Carlos Copes. Now in their 80’s, they open up about their tumultuous relationship and their undying passion for tango.


Dir: Neasa Ní Chianáin & David Rane

Amanda and John teach English and Rock ’n Roll at a Hogwarts-like Irish boarding school. This eccentric couple have worked magic in hilarious fashion on children for nearly 50 years, but leaving is the hardest lesson to learn.  


Dir: Slavko Martinov

For a historic club in Christchurch, competitive poultry pageantry is not only a hobby – it’s an obsession. Watch the feathers fly in the lead up to the NZ National Show, as they battle tradition, and each other, in their quest for glory.

CHAVELA, Oct 3rd 2017

Dir: Catherine Gund & Daresha Kyi

Chavela Vargas revolutionised music in Mexico with her hypnotic raspy voice singing music traditionally reserved for men. This film tells the epic story of her fearless life, emotive music and passionate love affairs.