Dir: Werner Herzog & André Singer

Legendary director Werner Herzog meets the former President of the Soviet Union for a series of exclusive one-on-one interviews with the man who ended the Cold War.

Here for Life

Dir: Andrea Luka Zimmerman & Adrian Jackson

Ten Londoners bring the stories of their lives to this arrestingly original collaboration between artist-filmmaker Andrea Luka Zimmerman and theatre-maker Adrian Jackson.

Profiling three of the city's legendary doormen, Berlin Bouncer delves into the irresistible, pounding heart of the city's club scene through its period of greatest transformation, from the fall of the Berlin Wall til today.

It’s 2017, an abnormally hot summer in New York and there is a sense of uncertainty and instability in the air. Brett Story’s The Hottest August is an absorbing social study about hopes, dreams and our current climate

UK Jewish Film Festival present this wild and free-spirited documentary – featuring many of Chilly Gonzales’ collaborators over the years, including Daft Punk, Feist, Jarvis Cocker and Peaches – charts his career and perfectly captures his incredible energy.


Dir: Jakub Hejna & Helen Trestikova

UK Jewish Film Festival present this fascinating documentary charting the rise to fame of Czech-born two-time Oscar-winning director Milos Forman – the man behind classics such as One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Hair and Amadeus.

Delving beneath the public persona of the charismatic ‘Rock God’, Mystify: Michael Hutchence reveals a multifaceted and sensitive man. Hutchence had explosive magnetism, but also many secrets; his story emerges here with emotional and revelatory depth.


Dir: Victoria Stone & Mark Deeble

Narrated by Chiwetel Ejiofor, this epic story of love, loss and coming home stars Athena, an elephant matriarch who will do everything in her power to protect her family when they are forced to leave their waterhole.

'36 TO '77 + Q&A

Dir: Marc Karlin & James Scott & Humphry Trevelyan & Jon Sanders

The sequel to Nightcleaners (1975) about the campaign to unionise women who cleaned office blocks at night, '36 to '77 focusses on one of the cleaners featured in the film as she reflects on that time and how it affected her life.


Dir: Berwick Street Film Collective: Marc Karlin, Mary Kelly, James Scott, Humphry Trevelyan

'a landmark work of British political cinema, and of collective and feminist filmmaking.' that explores the highs and lows of the campaign to unionise women office cleaners in the 1970s.