With record rents pushing tenants out of housing in London and in cities around the world, Push examines who is behind the crisis in affordable housing. This is not gentrification - it’s much more sinister.

How might women today respond to feminist concerns of the 1970s? Yours In Sisterhood brings some of the thousands of letters written to 'Ms.Magazine' to life, by inviting strangers from across the US to read them aloud and respond.


Dir: Dolya Gavanski

In this absorbing foray into the lives of Soviet women, director Dolya Gavanski speaks to a rich mix of women whose stories give an insider’s perspective on Russian feminism.

There’s a severe lack of government ambulances in Mexico city - so families like the Ochoas have stepped into the breach. At night they scour the streets of the city in their second hand ambulance, coming to the aid of those in need - from whom they have to ask for payment.


Dir: Waad al-Kateab & Edward Watts

A letter from young mother Waad al-Kateab to her baby daughter Sama, to whom she gave birth on the front line of cataclysmic conflict in Aleppo.

The Forbidden Reel tells how the Afghan cinematic archive was rescued from destruction by the Taliban. And what an archive it is: it reveals a rich auteur cinema reflecting a long forgotten Afghanistan.


Lucy Parker's subtle but fierce account of blacklisting in the UK construction industry reveals the longlasting impact on workers who found themselves unemployable after their names were added to a secret list.

In a tiny Greek village, hit hard by the economic crisis, cousins Christo and Alexandros are thinking creatively about their tomato farm. With ingenuity, patience and the help of five grannies, they are about to crack the international organic food market.