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Dir: Stefanie Brockhaus & Andy Wolff

Speaking out against oppression, extremism and her patriarchal society, Saudi poetess Hissa Hilal storms her way through the rounds of the Arab world’s biggest televised poetry competition in this inspiring film.


Dir: Johan Grimonprez

Stitching together archive footage of historical events, recent interviews with political experts and an eerily nostalgic soundtrack, Shadow World is the masterful documentary from Johan Grimonprez that exposes the depths of corruption within the global arms trade.


Dir: Hogir Hirori & Shinwar Kamal

With nail-biting tension, The Deminer follows an extraordinary man on a personal mission to dismantle the thousands of deadly landmines still littering Iraq, armed only with a pocket knife and a wire-cutter.


Dir: Johan Grimonprez

Two perspectives on the global arms trade from experts at different ends of the spectrum – a former war correspondent and an arms trade dealer. Through archive footage and close-up interviews, Johan Grimonprez’ follow up to Shadow World is a thoughtful and at times shocking provocation of the devastating effects of war.


Dir: Ulrich Seidl

Master provocateur Ulrich Seidl returns in unnerving style with a macabre examination of trophy hunting and the luxury tourist trade that accompanies it. A vacation movie about killing; a killer movie about human nature.


Dir: David Batty

This engaging and playful documentary, narrated by and starring the inimitable Michael Caine, chronicles the cultural revolution of the Swinging Sixties and the societal upheaval it caused, which still resonates today.