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Dir: Pavel Lounguine

The Moscow skyscraper was Stalin's pet project, envisioned in the spirit of a Communist utopia but in reality built by prisoners of war and Gulag detainees to house KGB agents and the Moscow Intelligentsia. Shot in the ghostly corridors, and told through the stories of the residents, this is an ironic, off-beat portrait of modern-day Russia.



Dir:  Albert Maysles & David Maysles & Charlotte Zwerin

A landmark American documentary, Salesman captures in vivid detail the bygone era of the door-to-door salesman. While laboring to sell a gold-embossed version of the Good Book, Paul Brennan and his colleagues target the beleaguered masses—then face the demands of quotas and the frustrations of life on the road. Following Brennan on his daily rounds, the Maysles discover a real-life Willy Loman, walking the line from hype to despair.


Dir: Ulrike Koch

The Saltmen of Tibet is an award-winning 1997 film that chronicles the trek undertaken by a clan of Tibetan salt harvesters across scenic but dangerous territory from their settlement to the sacred lakes where salt is harvested.


Dir: Zoe Young & Dylan Howitt

This film travels between one remote tribe in India and another, far more powerful, in Washington DC, to uncover a story of misunderstanding and bureaucratic arrogance that achieves the opposite of the World Bank's GEF paper promise.


Dir: Erik Gandini

Surplus explores the destructive nature of consumer culture. Against a backdrop of cynical world leaders, corporate captains and Microsoft fanatics the film puts the controversial anti-globalisation guru John Zerzan, whose call for property damage has inspired many to take to the streets. An intense visual odyssey filmed over three years in eight countries, finding links between the explosive anti-globalisation riots of Genoa, $7000 sex dolls to George W's infamous "just keep shopping" speech. Twenty per cent of the world is gobbling up 80% of its resources. The stunning editing and cinematography turns the statistics into an unforgettable emotional experience.


Dir: George Fitzherbert

The winds of change blow through a remote community living in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. This beautifully observed film looks at life since the Russians have left the country, and the once modest rural economy is now steered towards market capitalism. However while the rural areas suffer from the loss of subsidies, the fortune of those living in the city is very different. Market forces have also brought change there, but mostly for the better. The film offers unique insight into this universal dilemma.


Dir: Dan Setton & Tor Ben-Mayor

In the summer of 2000, Israeli and Palestinian negotiators were on the brink of reaching a peace agreement. After years of negotiation, both sides seemed ready to move forward. Never before had the dream of peace seemed so close...


Dir: Andrew Connors

The Shipyards was a riverside squatters community in downtown Whitehorse that symbolized the Old Yukon lifestyle. Shipyards Lament follows the forced eviction of the residents of this neighbourhood, the last of its kind in urban Canada.


Dir: John Friedman & Eric Nadler

An investigation into the 60-year history of a German multinational corporation that directly profited from the Holocaust, and in recent decades became a leading supplier of nuclear weapons technology to developing nations.