Rodriguez was the greatest 70s US rock icon who never was. Momentarily hailed as the finest recording artist of his generation, he disappeared into oblivion – rising again from the ashes in a completely different context. An extraordinary film about hope, inspiration and the resonating power of music.

A close-quarter portrait of a group of undocumented Iranian immigrants who are stranded and struggling to survive in Athens. Intimate and unflinching, Stop-Over is a rare insight into the dehumanising effects of life in limbo.

Sacro GRA is a poetic and humorous journey around the Grande Raccordo Anulare, Rome's ring-road highway, gracefully observing the everyday lives of a series of intriguing characters living near the highway's edge.


Dir: Florence Martin-Kessler & Anne Poiret

Starting on the day of its independence, filmmakers Florence Martin-Kessler and Anne Poiret chronicle the first year of South Sudan's independence, in which the first foundations of this fledgling democracy are laid.

When Salma was 13, her parents took her out of school and locked her away in a room with a single window. After 9 years she gave in to pressure to agree to an arranged marriage. Following Salma on a trip back to her village...

Side by Side

Dir: Christopher Kenneally

Presented and co-produced by Keanu Reaves, the film looks at the past and into the future of filmmaking and explores the digital medium and its impact on the industry with interviews with Hollywood luminaries such as Martin Scorsese, David Lynch and Steven Soderberg.


Dir: Mona Eldaief & Jehane Noujaim

Solar Mamas follows Rafea and a hand-picked group of other illiterate mothers and grandmothers from around the world as they learn about electrical components and soldering without being able to read, write or understand English.

The story of three Olympic athletes who, in a moment of political protest, would destroy their sporting careers & become a symbol of the Civil Rights struggle.


Dir: Lucien Castaing-Taylor & Ilisa Barbash

An unsentimental elegy to the American West. The film follows the last modern-day cowboys leading their sheep up into Montana's Absaroka-Beartooth Mountain for summer pasture.

Portraits of the vast, sprawling complexes of oil refineries and petro-chemical plants that help make the Texan economy one of the biggest in the world. But does the wealth come at too high a price to the local community?

A decade on and filmmaker Jez Lewis also returns to his hometown in Yorkshire, Hebden Bridge, and a real-life drama about why his childhood friends are killing themselves. Beginning with a personal quest for understanding, the film moves into a year-long exploration of the problems his friends face and find impossible to overcome.