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Dir: D. A. Pennebaker

On a beautiful June weekend in 1967, at the height of the Summer of Love, the first and only Monterey International Pop Festival roared forward, capturing a decade's spirit and ushering in a new era of rock and roll. Monterey would launch...

My Neighbourhood

Dir: Julia Bacha & Rebekah Wingert-Jabi

In a neighbourhood in East Jerusalem Mohammed El Kurd and his family suddenly find themselves forced from their home by Israeli settlers. Mohammed, enraged by the events, begins to protest alongside his neighbours, and is shocked when scores of Israeli supporters come forward to join their cause.


Dir: David Morris & Jacqui Morris

Detailing the life and work of acclaimed war photographer Don McCullin, the seminal photojournalist of the 1970s and 80s, the film shows the truth behind McCullin's hard-hitting and controversial images.


Dir: Ling Lee

The clash between different generations is heightened in a rapidly changing China as migrant workers Laomao and Meizi are finally joined in Beijing by their daughter, Ying Ying, a teenager who doesn't seem to share the work ethic which has dominated her parents' lives.

In Queens, NY a group of imaginative tinkerers from Trinidad created something no-one had ever seen before: enormous stereo systems rigged onto ordinary bmx bikes. Travelling together they treat the neighborhood to an outrageous impromptu music and dance party on wheels.


Dir: Mat Whitecross

Moving to Mars charts the epic journey made by two Burmese families from a vast refugee camp on the Thai/Burma border to their new homes in the UK. At times hilarious, at times emotional, their travels provide fascinating and unique insight not only into the effects of migration, but also into one of the most important current political crises.


Dir: Lucy Bailey & Andrew Thompson

Michael Campbell is one of the few hundred white farmers left in Zimbabwe since President Robert Mugabe began his violent 'Land Reform' program in 2000. What follows is an intimate, moving and often terrifying account of one man and his family's extraordinary courage in the face of overwhelming injustice and brutality.

Grierson Award nominated affectionate doc/improvised fiction about artificially intelligent robot dogs and the emotional relationships with their owners. Using voice and face recognition these $3000 robot pets raise questions of how much humans can bond with machines and if it's really possible to buy love.


Dir: Lucy Kaye

Fred Ward, a Romany Showman, living on a council site, struggles against a deadline as he prepares to make an appearance at a large gathering that he knows other Travellers will attend. As we follow his progress we get a glimpse of life inside what travellers call 'the trailer'.


Dir: Rani Khanna

Gabriel Yared has composed music for feature films, documentaries, ballets and cartoons, winning many awards internationally, including an Oscar for his score on "The English Patient". For the first time, he has accepted to be filmed and to be followed in his collaboration with the director Anthony Minghella, for the score of "Cold Mountain".


Dir: Laura Poitras

My Country, My Country is an unforgettable journey into the heart of war-ravaged Iraq in the months leading up to the January 2005 elections. Director Laura Poitras' main focus is Dr Riyadh, a Sunni candidate, benevolent GP and an outspoken critic of the occupation, he is equally passionate about the need to establish democracy in Iraq.


Dir: Shelley Saywell

Martyr Street, Hebron, is one of the most hazardous and fractious streets in the West Bank. It is the only site where Jewish settlers live as a minority in the heart of a city in the occupied territories. Schoolgirls Najilah al-Khatib and Neria Arnon live a few metres away from each other on Martyr Street but they have never met.


Dir: Masood Khan & Kamaljeet Negi

Pakistan was partitioned from India in 1947. Since then, these two nuclear states have been in a virtual state of conflict. Now for the first time in fifteen years the Indian cricket team tours Pakistan and two filmmakers from opposite sides of the border go along to capture a taste of how it feels to be the enemy.

Seven months after the end of the war, Sean Langan (Behind the Lines, Travels of a Gringo), armed with just a camera, takes a brave and eventful trip through Iraq, seeking to shed light on what life is like in this newly occupied territory. As well as interviews with civilians, Langan joins the US-led coalition on patrol (even at times of attack) as well as instigating secret meetings with the resistance fighters.


Dir: Isaac Isitan

"If people really knew the process through which money is created, the system would not hold more than 24 hours". - Henry Ford. Two years ago, Turkish-born Canadian director Isaac Isitan watched from the comfort of his living room as thousands of people in Turkey and Argentina took to the streets, attacking the banks when their life-savings evaporated overnight. Middle-class people who once lined up at the banks were now lining up at the food banks. Isitan describes how the demands of the World Bank and the IMF, have plunged entire nations into economic crisis. Faced with a lack of money, the people have begun to re-invent it through initiating barter systems and by inventing local parallel economies. An incisive look at the power of money.