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Dir: Kurt Langbein

The world’s farmland is at risk. Ever since agriculture started becoming an attractive investment, local farmers all over the world have been losing ground to international businesses. It’s a phenomenon with far-reaching...


Dir: James D. Cooper

The inside story of Chris Stamp and Kit Lambert, aspiring film directors from opposite sides of the tracks who form an unlikely partnership, leading them to discover and manage the iconic band that would become The Who.

Little Proletarian

Dir: Shen Jie

14-year-old Hai has been kicked out of school. With a cigarette hanging from his mouth, he wanders around town, stealing, fighting and terrorising the village with his motorcycle gang. A wild, harsh but also funny portrayal of Chinese teenage life.


Dir: Diego Mondaca

Through his memories of the chirola (prison), Pedro makes us learn what confinement could imply to someone either outside or behind bars. The feelings, the changes, the uncertainties and the traumas generated inside a limited space and a limited situation construct his philosophy of life and freedom.


Dir: Pawel Pawlikowski

Tanya comes to England with her 12 year old son Artiom to marry a man she fell in love with. When the latter fails to appear at the airport, immigration try to send her back. Desperate, Tanya claims political asylum and is sent to a bleak, out-of-season seaside resort from which there is no escape. 


Dir: Ali Samadi Ahadi & Oliver Stoltz

For over 18 years a civil war in Northern Uganda has dragged on almost completely unnoticed by the rest of the world. The rebels of the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) are waging a bloody guerilla campaign. They abduct children and conscript them as soldiers, forcing them to kill their own people. 

A rare portrait of a cross-cultural marriage in the tiny Gulf state of Qatar. Filmmaker Vandekeybus gained unprecedented access to the insular world of Qatari society. She followed American-born Linda, her Qatari husband Ali Al Saigel and their seven children for three years from 2001. Unlike many foreign wives, Linda has adopted the Shiite Muslim traditions of her husband. Swathed in black she looks like any other Qatari woman.


Dir: Angus MacQueen

Award-winning documentary filmmaker, Angus Macqueen, gained extraordinary access to the drug gangs in Rio, Brazil to make Leo and Ze, an unsettling story of violence, poverty and wasted lives. Ze, a former gang leader who has managed to get out and survive, tries to help his nephew, Leo, to do the same. Through the lives of this family, a picture emerges of the way in which the gangs, financed by cocaine sales, have taken over the favela. These are adolescent boys who rule by terror. The normal inhabitants can do nothing in the face of the guns bought on the proceeds of 'the white stuff.'