Presented by Sophie Fiennes. Beautifully shot in black and white, Belovy (The Belovs) tells the story of twice-widowed Anna Belova, who lives with her brother Mikhail. A mesmerising, tragic and raucous portrait of a Russian farming family.


Dir: Heidi Ewing & Alex Gibney

A film based on the best-selling book. Some of the world's most innovative documentary filmmakers explore the hidden side of everything.

Covering twenty-four hours in London during the Blitz, Fires Were Started is the story of a day in the life of the Auxiliary Fire Service. On the same day that a new recruit joins up, warning comes in that a heavy attack is expected that night.


Dir: Homodi Hasim

Filmed during the US led assault on Fallujah, this film comprises of unique footage of the devastation and testimonies from those inside the besieged city, along with footage of injuries and civilians under fire. It provides a concise introduction to the historical roots of resistance to the occupying forces in the city and it conveys a real sense of what such attacks can do to a community.

Much of Eastern Europe has been devastated by the rapid transition from communism to capitalism. Fifteen years since independence from the USSR, the Ukraine - Europe's second largest country - is struggling to regain economic and social stability. One little-known consequence is the estimated 1,000,000 children now living homeless on Ukraine's streets.