Dir: Jon Bang Carlsen

In his autobiographical essay film Déjà Vu, Jon Bang Carlsen mirrors his life story in clips from the more than 40 films he has made in a variety of genres since 1973.

On the eve of the release of her new album, internationally recognized soul singer Sharon Jones was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Tour dates were cancelled, the album pushed back and Sharon entered into a fight for her life and career.

Vladimir Tomic boarded the Flotel Europa in Copenhagen in the early 1990s, along with thousands of other refugees from the former Yugoslavia. Through home movie footage Tomic reflects back on his experience in this timely and unusual coming of age film.


Dir: Manu Luksch & Martin Reinhart & Thomas Tode

Narrated by Tilda Swinton, Dreams Rewired traces the anxieties and cravings of today’s hyper-connected world back more than a hundred years, when film, television and the telephone were new.