This extraordinary observational documentary follows 73-year-old Manolo, who lives a simple life in Southern Spain, as he plans to walk the brutal 2200-mile trail of tears in the US with just his donkey Gorrión as his companion.


Dir: Everardo González

Everardo González’s gripping Devil’s Freedom reveals the true horror of Mexico’s drug war through the shattering first-hand testimonies of both victims and perpetrators.


Dir: Peter Bratt

Dolores Huerta is an indomitable civil rights activist largely forgotten by history. Director Peter Bratt sets the record straight with this intimate and energising documentary on her life and achievements.


Dir: Federica Di Giacomo

With claims of Satanic possession increasing around the world, Deliver Us takes us inside the world of exorcisms within the Catholic Church following veteran Sicilian priest Father Cataldo.


Dir: Dan Sickles & Antonio Santini

Dina is a quirky and unconventional love-story between a neurodivergent couple as they navigate their burgeoning relationship and strive to reconcile their conflicting approaches to romance and intimacy.

Documenting the incredible work of Partners in Health, Bending the Arc tells the story of a small group of doctors dedicated to their mission to make high-quality healthcare available to everyone, even in the world’s poorest countries.

Doc/Fest Presents: TROPHY

Dir: Shaul Schwarz & Christina Clusiau

As endangered African species like elephants, rhinos and lions march closer to extinction each year, Trophy delves into the powerhouse industries of big-game hunting, breeding and wildlife conservation.


Dir: Stephen Apkon & Andrew Young

Following activist group The Combatants for Peace, Disturbing the Peace tells the story of former enemies from both sides of the Israel-Palestine conflict who have joined together to work towards a resolution and to stand up for what they believe in.

This must-be-seen short film event is presented by Doc Heads, in association with Film London, Film Hub London and BFI Film Audience Network. Doc Heads believes that shortform is the future and this new programme premieres films from some of the most exciting filmmakers of the moment.


Dir: Brendan Toller

A documentary on the life and times of Danny Fields, who has played a pivotal role in music and “culture” since 1966, working for the Doors, Lou Reed, Nico, Judy Collins, the Stooges and the Ramones.