Dir: Ernesto Cabellos & Stephanie Boyd

The story of a Peruvian paradise lost after a devastating mercury spill at the Yanacocha mine. The environmental catastrophe turned Choropampa, a quiet village into a hotbed of civil resistance. The mine, partially owned by the World Bank, claim the problem was quickly resolved - the villagers tell a starkly different story.

Arnold and Elaine Friedman were a seemingly typical couple. All appeared to be happy in their lives until November 1987, when police raided their home after Arnold and Jesse were accused of multiple counts of child molestation.


Dir: Sergei Dvortsevoy

An ethnographic poem about Kazakhstan, Chastie follows a nomadic shepherd's camp in Kazakhstan - and indifferently allows you to observe the rhythm of life on the grand, severe steppe. The film consists of thirty sequences that demonstrate that even the most elementary activities (eating, sleeping) can possess a great beauty, bliss and especially humour.

A documentary about child labor in the Philippine provinces. The directors recorded small children working under excruciating conditions in slaughterhouses, sugarcane fields, and ship docks in order to add to their family income.