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Dir: Ron Mann

Innovative, rule-breaking and truly independent, maverick director Robert Altman changed the face of American cinema, with 70s classics including M*A*S*H (1970). Ron Mann’s illuminating doc reveals the man behind the films.


Dir: Alison Klayman

Celebrated artist, expert provocateur and one of China's most outspoken domestic critics, Ai Weiwei inspires global audiences and blurs the boundaries of art and politics. This nuanced portrait of Ai reveals a man of unrelenting spirit whose passion and defiance continues.

An extraordinary film based in a former Soviet nuclear test site, where locals still pay the price of radioactivity. Physical mutations and birth defects have led the State to introduce strict birth control measures, but Bibigul is desperate to have a child against all odds.


Dir: Janus Metz

Award-winning director Janus Metz arrives in Afghanistan with a group of Danish soldiers on their first tour of duty stationed on the Helmand frontline in Camp Armadillo. Metz captures life on the frontline with an uncompromising and intense vision. 


Dir: Barney Broomfield & Marc Hoeferlin & Juan Reina

Tanzania, where albinos are murdered and their body parts used for 'magic' potions, a brave group of albinos are using football to spread the message that they too are members of society.