Dir: Ulrich Seidl

Master provocateur Ulrich Seidl returns in unnerving style with a macabre examination of trophy hunting and the luxury tourist trade that accompanies it. A vacation movie about killing; a killer movie about human nature.

In their remote home in the North Atlantic, the Faroe Islanders have always survived on a diet of whales and seabirds. But as mercury increasingly enters the food chain, the Faroese must reconsider their traditional way of life.

This engaging and playful documentary, narrated by and starring the inimitable Michael Caine, chronicles the cultural revolution of the Swinging Sixties and the societal upheaval it caused, which still resonates today.  

Featuring previously unissued photographs, archival video and interviews with his friends and partners in crime, Clémentine Deroudille weaves an intimate portrait of the life, career and legacy of her grandfather, celebrated street photographer Robert Doisneau.


Dir: Everardo González

Everardo González’s gripping Devil’s Freedom reveals the true horror of Mexico’s drug war through the shattering first-hand testimonies of both victims and perpetrators.

In his tiny, one-room school in Brooklyn, Stephen Haff teaches forty kids reading, creative writing and Latin. His classes are free, and offered to the children of Latino immigrant families, creating a much needed creative haven for kids who are often overlooked.

A Wall Street horror story about a still-unfolding financial crime, The China Hustle follows the trail of greed and deception through the American stock market and uncovers the biggest heist you’ve never heard of.

The immense beauty of Ireland’s west coast forms the striking backdrop to this year-in-the-life of seaside surf town Lahinch. Filmed with deep affection for the town, Ross Whitaker’s portrait of the community is an uplifting testament to the awesome draw of the surf.


Dir: Leonard Retel Helmrich

Renowned filmmaker Leonard Retel Helmrich follows the highs and lows of daily life for the Syrians living in Majdal Anjar refugee camp. With extraordinary intimacy, he reveals the real lives behind the statistics of a refugee crisis.

The greatest ice skater of all time, John Curry transformed a dated sport into an art form and made history by becoming the first openly gay Olympian in a time when homosexuality was not even fully legal.

Acclaimed filmmaker Molly Dineen is back with an intimate portrait of Jamaican-born reggae producer, businessman, father, son, and community pillar, Blacker Dread.


Dir: Sarita Khurana & Smriti Mundhra

Dipti, Amrita, and Ritu are all young, modern women in India looking to get married - some desperately, some reluctantly. A Suitable Girl follows them over the course of four years, intimately capturing their thoughts on arranged marriage.


Dir: Sebastian Junger & Tim Hetherington

For 15 months, filmmakers Tim Hetherington and Sebastian Junger were embedded with a US platoon in Afghanistan’s hostile Korengal Valley, shadowing their every move. Winner of the 2010 Sundance Grand Jury Prize, Restrepo is as close as it gets to seeing what life as a soldier is really like.