Past Screenings & Events 2012 | Page 2 | DocHouse


Dir: Boris Bertram

The Siberian town of Tankograd: birthplace of the Soviet nuclear bomb and now the most radioactive place on earth. We follow the town's world-class dance group as they search for meaning through artistic expression in this New Russia.


Dir: Joe Berlinger

Paul Simon's 'Graceland' sold millions of copies worldwide, uniting cultures and bringing international attention to the music of South Africa. 25 years on, he returns for a reunion tour, celebrating the music and confronting his contentious breaking of the UN's cultural boycott of Apartheid South Africa.


Dir: Luca Lucarini & Jamie King

Uncovers the new model of power that is taking hold of South America. Argentina has been at the helm of GM Soy production since the late 1990's. Dubbed the new form of Western colonialism, Republic of Soya gets to the core of this destructive Agro-colonisation.