Wednesday 9 November, 2016

Exclusive to Bertha DocHouse - DocHouse Firsts brings docs to the big screen that wouldn’t otherwise be shown in London!

DocHouse Firsts is a brand new initiative set up to support some of our favourite documentaries from around the world. In the absence of a UK distributor we offer London audiences a rare opportunity to see films which may otherwise go undiscovered by giving them a run of screenings at the Bertha DocHouse screen.


Past & Present DocHouse Firsts include (click on the film titles for more info):
- 1971
- The Russian Woodpecker
- Patience, Patience You'll Go To Paradise!
- Homme Less
- Among The Believers
- Motley's Law
The Swedish Theory of Love
- Ambulance
- Driving With Selvi
- Starless Dreams

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