When Jolynn Minnaar first heard about fracking in the Karoo, her home district, she was optimistic. Companies seeking to drill in this semi-arid area of South Africa promised that the new process of gas extraction was safe, bringing widespread prosperity for the poor, rural communities. After coming across a rumoured case of water contamination in Pennsylvania, Jolynn is drawn into an investigation which takes her into America's heart of darkness - the home of fracking technology - in search of answers. Her discoveries leave her horrified. What she finds is a bleak landscape, where powerful energy companies exploit the land, at a terrible cost to both the environment and the health of the local communities. As the South African government lifts the moratorium on fracking, the race against time begins to share her findings with the residents of the Karoo - before it's too late.

Unearthed challenges the assertion that hydraulic fracturing is a safe, time-tested technology and questions whether shale gas is the solution for our energy-hungry world.

What the audience said

'Fantastic film! Great to hear such a passionate voice.'

'Absolutely brilliant! Should be broadcast more widely. Get on it! '

'Excellent, thorough, moving. It was my 2nd time seeing it. I couldn't believe Jeremiah Gee was in the audience! What a statement, without breaking the disclosure agreement.'

'Enjoyed it. I find documentaries a great way to find out about the world - social and political issues... often much more than other forms of media. Thanks.'

'Shocking and profound - well put together.'

'Powerful and inspirational. Will definitely come for more.'

'Unearthed - brilliant, informative, fair, unbiased, thought provoking, worrying. An issue of importance to everyone on the planet. Please keep me informed by email - environment, whistle-blowers and uplifting documentaries too!'

'Powerful, moving, informative. Loved the Q&A with the director. She is really amazing!'


A list of the film's upcoming screenings can be found HERE.


If you are interested in following up on the issues covered in the film you can visit the film's website at www.un-earthed.com, and the following organisations may also be of interest:

UK Energy Research Centre
British Anti-Fracking Action Network
Britain and Ireland Frack Free
What the Frack?
No Dash For Gas


You can contact the filmmakers through the Unearthed website HERE.