Filmmaker Pary El-Qalqili's Palestinian father has always been an enigma to her, spending his days grieving the loss of his homeland in the basement of their Berlin home. Having left his young family behind in Europe in pursuit of the fight for a free Palestine when El-Qalqili was 12, he appeared back on their doorstep years later, tired, angry and withdrawn, having been expelled by Israel's security forces.

In this tender and astute portrait-come-road movie, El-Qalqili draws out a life marked by flight, exile and a longing for home. As father and daughter journey across the Middle East, El-Qalqili searches to understand the complexities of the Palestinian conflict, and her father's present day rage.

What the audience said

'Interesting, different perspective, good to see a bit of the middle Eastern countryside'

'Touching, wonderful to see how the relationship between father and daughter developed and also how the filmmaker started to discover her Palestinian identity'

'A unique insight into how exile and its trauma can affect people for most of their lives and also those around them – more like this, films like this need to be given a viewing.'

'Wonderful, great discussion afterwards, more like this please'

'Enlightening to see another perspective based on personal relationship'


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Winner: Prix Regard Neuf - Visions du Reel

Winner: Golden Award - 9th Al Jazeera Documentary Film Festival