Street kids Kolya, Irina, Ksusha and Denis describe the abandoned building they live in as 'a Fairytale place' where anything is possible. Their gang have relied on each other since they were young kids; stealing, begging and turning tricks to survive on the streets of the broken, post-Soviet city of Perm, Russia.

All born in the years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, they have created their own kind of society as together they battle with freezing temperatures, harassment from the police and their very vulnerable existance, using drink and drugs to block out the horrors of life and escape into fantasy.

The four face their brutal, unforgiving world with grit and often caustic humour, but now, on the brink of adulthood, time is running out for any of the group to escape their toxic situation.

Told with candid honesty and heart-breaking humour, A Russian Fairytale is both eye-opening and utterly compelling, with tragic revelations woven between glimmers of hope.

What the audience said

'Excellent film. Very powerful.'

'Absolutely amazing - will definitely return. Thanks!'

'Really enjoyed it and will be back in the future.'

'Absolutely brilliant, excellent selection'

'I love your programme!'

'Great topic, incredible access to characters'


Love's Bridge is a charity working to give Russia's most vulnerable children and young people the opportunity to fulfill their potential, becoming healthy, happy, independent and self-reliant. Their focus is in the city of Perm in which A Russian Fairytale is set, where they carry out rehabilitative work with street youth, and preventative work among at-risk children.

Love's Bridge are a small, grass-roots organization who depend on donations to carry out their work. Over 95% of all donations are used directly in their work with Russia's most vulnerable children and young people. You can donate to Love's Bridge here.

The charity also welcomes volunteers to work directly with the children in Perm, more information click HERE.


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