In the Syrian city of Homs, a group of young revolutionaries move through a warren of half-standing, bombed out buildings, keeping away from the open air and listening to the shells fallings. Half the walls are missing, but the pictures and possessions of the recent occupants still hang from the crumbling stone. Homs has been under siege by the Syrian Army since May 2011, and this arrestingly intimate portrait of young men in a warzone takes us deep inside the ravaged city.

19 year old football star Basset has become the voice of the movement, leading demonstrations with his a capella protest songs.  He and 24 year old activist and cameraman Ossama dream of finding freedom through peaceful demonstrations, but as their once-beautiful city is overtaken by fighting, we see Basset take up arms against the regime.

Filmed over two years, this searing missive from the front line gives a first-hand view into the besieged city, as the lively rallies that filled the streets are replaced by fleeing civilians and grim battles; as idealistic pacifists are forced to become armed rebel fighters. 

What the audience said

'Harrowing is the first and foremost adjective to describe the film. The Q&A was extraordinary. It put an incredible understanding of the film from the other side and I have so many questions to ask! I'm a little lost for words' 

'Brilliant, truly inspiring'

'One of the top 10 amazing documentaries I've ever seen. Amazing, shocking, and extremely human movie. Congratulations!'

'Phenomenal. A really expertly crafted documentary of a tragic story. Perhaps the best film I've seen this year''

'Amazing. Thought-provoking and extremely important'

'Fantastic film, really eye-opening and put the viewer right there in the city. Everyone should see this film!'

'Very powerful, amazing. I will never forget it'

'Brilliant film, it has come out at a crucial time when the worlds eye is off Syria'

'Wonderful, profoundly moving. I'm still in shock'

'Powerful and affecting, a call to action'

'Amazing! So pleased that I saw it and I will be spreading the word. Congratulations to the filmmaker!'

'Hard-hitting, very powerful, shocking, everybody should see it'


The following organisations are active in raising awareness about the situation in Syria. Contact them directly to find out what you can do to help.



Winner: World Cinema Grand Jury Prize Documentary, Sundance 2014

Official Selection: IDFA 2013