This is a side of war you don't see. Red Lines tells the remarkable story of Razan and Mouaz. Two Syrian activists from vastly different walks of life, thrown together by the circumstances of war. Razan, a 26 year old woman from a wealthy Syrian family is the unlikely head of a smuggling operation sending aid to the front lines through Turkey. Contrastingly, Mouaz was born dirt-poor in a Damascus Palestinian refugee camp but grew up in America. Together the two amass a greater network of contacts and connections on the ground than any other humanitarian organization in the world.

The obstacles are overwhelming: a spiralling humanitarian crisis and the emerging dominance of anti-Western extremists like ISIS. Going beyond the gritty YouTube videos and news reports filmmakers Andrea Kalin and Oliver Lukacs take us into the centre of the conflict. Red Lines highlights the resilience of the Syrian people and the challenge to keep hope alive in the face of intolerable violence and tragic recent events across the region.

What the audience said

'I thought it was hugely insightful. Fantastic to get the Q&A after.'

'Excellent - more of this please. Thanks for having the decency to show films that are so relevant and important.'

'Amazing. Especially the skype Q&A at the end.'

'Inspirational. The skype was an added bonus.'

'Great film, amazing Q&A.'

'Incredibly moving and educational.'

'Fantastic insight into the situation within Syria and the work of the activists. Skype Q&A was a great way of learning more. All your events are great! But would be good to start on time so more time left for Q&A.'

'So important and timely. Well done for organising such a crucial event at such a crucial moment. More info on how to get involved - twitter, donation methods etc.'

'Incredible, insightful. I learned so much from it. Q&A session was inspiring.'

'It was amazing! Really informative and eye opening and the Q&A session brought it down to earth, made it all very real. More Q&A sessions because this was amazing. Also info for how to access the film after the screening.'

'An incredible insight into the Syrian conflict and a must watch for those who study international relations or are just interested in world events. Everything went perfectly! Keep at it!'

'Amazing, important - echoes the thoughts + questions in mind. Should be distributed as widely as possible.
I liked: a) That you value message over quality of photography etc. I like also that the Q&A is organised and really rallied what the doc was about. Two fantastically inspirational people! Brilliant evening on a very timely night of the vote on ISIS strikes. Thanks, I'll be back.'

'Very well made, personal, to the point, of course slightly one sided. However great demonstration of politics.'

'Thank you for a beautiful and enlightening film - this evening was inspiring and motivating and an incredible experience to skype with Razan and Mouaz.'

'Very interesting indeed. Brave and effective in persuading and in making accessible the situation. Has made me seriously question further non-internationalist position.'

'I thought it was a very personal and insightful look at what it takes to fight a cause which should be universal. Love the Q&A.'

'Insightful + motivating. Clear that more needs to be done.'


If you would like to find out more about the situation for people in Syria and how you can get involved and help please visit the organisations and websites below:

The Syrian Emergency Task Force (Mouaz and Razan's organisation)

Coalition for a Democratic Syria

UNHCR - The UN Refugee Agency

Free-Syria Foundation

Syria Relief

Hand in Hand for Syria

Human Care Syria

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IRFC)

Relief International

The Institute for Inclusive Security: Syria

British Syrian Centre

Help For Syria

British Syrian Society


You can contact the filmmakers through the film's website HERE or on





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