In the year of the Arab Spring, a British football team head to Egypt armed with a football and a desire to engage with local communities. But the Egyptian revolution unfolds around them forcing the team to rethink their agenda. Do they carry on with their journey into Palestine to become the first UK team to play there?

As much about an emotional journey as a physical one, Over The Wall is a fresh take on Middle East conflicts and personal responsibility bearing witness to a group of young men finding their political voice.

What the audience said

'Great film, gripping, dramatic, enlightening'

'Engrossing and raw'

'Interesting and engaging film'

'It was great! Thank you so much'

'Great film & Q&A'


Future Screenings:

21st February 2013 - Oxford Human Rights Film Festival, Oxford

1st March 2013 - Liverpool University, Liverpool

31st March 2013 – International Festival of Sports Movies, Moscow

The Over The Wall Special Edition DVD (including Special Features) is available to buy on DVD. Click HERE to find out more.


In September 2013 the project will be marking its 5th tour and take a diverse group of student footballers to Serbia, Bosnia and Kosovo where they will attempt to tackle issues of sexism and racism. The trip will again be documented by Walks of Life to produce a sequel to Over The Wall.

Walks of Life Films are currently looking for anyone who might be interested in getting involved or supporting the project. If you would like to find out more email:

Walks of Life Films are a young, creative documentary partnership that are always open and available looking for new projects. There are several further documentaries in development all information is available on the website HERE