Our School is the bittersweet story of three Roma children from a rural Transylvanian village caught up in an initiative to integrate ethnically-segregated Romanian schools.

Shot over four years, the film follows Alin, Benjamin and Dana who begin their journey with high hopes of a better quality of education, and of making new 'non-Roma' friends at the city school. However, these hopes are quickly soured, and their isolation deepened, when they realise their classes will be taught separately and by teachers who begrudge their presence. Despite the institutionalised racism they are met with, the three go about their new school life with defiance, humour and sass.

Miruna Coca-Cozma & Mona Nicoara's film is an elegiac portrait of racism and generational prejudice in Romania, woven with a profound admiration for their characters, and of the indomitable spirit of the Roma people.


What the audience said

'Fantastic, wonderfully informative and a great Q&A!'

'Very good, touching, insightful, warm, great to follow their story over four years' 


'A priviledge to have the interview with the director'

'Thank you very much for the experience'


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Grand Jury Prize for Best US Feature - Silverdocs 2011