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Stephen Hook is not your average dairy farmer, but then Ida and her 55 spirited bovine cohorts are not your average Friesian cows.

Determined not to succumb to the cost cutting ways of modern dairies and supermarkets, Hook and Son, a family run Sussex farm, stick to their guns and sell raw, unpasteurised milk direct to consumers. But life on the farm is not just a profession for Stephen: each cow has a name and is lovingly cared for, especially the farm's resident "cover girl," Ida.

Tender, captivating and comical, The Moo Man is a careful portrait of the rarest of maverick farmers, and his even rarer relationship with his herd.

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Father and son Phil and Steve Hook farm Longleys Farm organically. They have been in partnership together at Longleys Farm Hailsham since 1991. Farming is in their blood, the Hook family have been farming in East Sussex for at least 250 years!

''Our aim is to manage a dairy herd that is truly sustainable; caring for the wildlife and environment around us, whilst making the farm viable enough to support our family. We converted the farm to organic farming methods in 1998, achieving Soil Association certification in August 2000. This means that we farm without the use of any chemicals or routine antibiotics. We sell our milk on our two local milk rounds, farmers markets in London, including Borough Market, and also offer a pioneering nationwide delivery service.''


If you live in Hailsham, Hellingly, Alfriston, Berwick, Dicker, Eastbourne, Pevensey, West Ham, Polegate, Willingdon, you can go on the milk round. If you live anywhere else in England Scotland and Wales, you can have the milk delivered once a week.

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