"One of the greatest and most powerful documentaries ever made. A profound comment on the human condition." - Errol Morris

"Profound, visionary, stunning." Werner Herzog

Joshua Oppenheimer’s powerful companion piece to The Act of Killing focuses on the victims of the brutal genocide in Indonesia in 1965. The film follows Adi, an optometrist who discovered the identities of his brother’s murderers and how he died while watching Oppenheimer’s footage in The Act of Killing. Adi decides to break the suffocating spell of submission and terror by doing something unimaginable in a society where the murderers remain in power: he confronts the men who killed his brother and asks them to accept responsibility for their actions.

Radically different to Oppenheimer’s previous film, The Look of Silence is equally shocking and keenly observed. Filmed in his characteristic visual style - the film bears witness to the collapse of fifty years of silence.

What the audience said

"I thought it was insightful, fascinating and emotional. Amazing. Also the talk at the end was surprising and amazing.”!

"Deeply moving." "Great."

"Very well done. Powerful reflection of the events from an individual's perspective. Great to have the director and main character of the documentary.”!

"Emotionally very touching. Thank you for bringing the main character of the film to the Q&A.”!

"INCREDIBLE" (in VERY big letters!) "The Q&A was stellar."

"Incredible - A unique and moving experience - especially having the opportunity to hear the Q&A at the end.”!

"Absolutely incredible insight into a deeply disturbing period of Indonesian history. Told in a deeply moving way. Very, very powerful. I love the Q&A's and the opportunity to see such incredible documentaries."


"The most important film I've watched all year - Josh and Adi were inspirational. Certainly we have discovered one of the great documentary makers of our time.”!

"I'm lost for words... It was very intense. Fantastic movie. Unforgettable experience.”

"Powerful and engaging from start to finish. Felt honoured to meet Adi and hear him share his experiences. More of the same!”!

"Important, moving, reflective. Quality filmmaking, glad I attended."

"Shattering, and combined with Adi and Joshua's talk afterwards I'm at a loss to think of a more profound documentary viewing experience, even hypothetically. Don't know how you could top this - don't try. Maybe aim for 50%."

"Indescribable. Very moving."

"Extraordinary, very powerful and emotional: Incredible to see how emotions of both sides were captured and dealt with. Very stirring. Very special to see Joshua and Adi answer questions at the end. DocHouse deserves a medal for promoting such work!" 


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To see Joshua Oppenheimer's previous film and the superb companion piece to The Look of Silence, The Act of Killing click on their website HERE for a full list of links and future screening opportunities.


To find out more about the historical context, current political situation and the impact the film is having, take a look at the film's website HERE.

Also, take a look at the press the film has received from The Guardian, IndieWire, Screen Daily and more HERE.


Not been able to stop thinking about The Look of Silence since seeing it on the big screen? We agree that it's a hard film to walk away from. That's why we are here to help you find your feet and get involved. 

What can YOU do?

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5. If you want to take further action against the continuing impunity of human rights violations in Indonesia, read Amnesty International's 'Take Action' pamphlet HERE.

Find out how you can call on the Indonesian authorities to ensure justice for these crimes by targeting through social media, organising meetings with other activists and human rights organisations and contacting local media.