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Thulasi is a young woman who was born a "Dalit," or "untouchable" in the Indian caste system. Her early years were a struggle for survival but now she is willing to literally fight for a better life through boxing. At 25, Thulasi has only one year to qualify for a government programme, a lifeline which offers a good job and better future. But her boxing club is run by corrupt coaches who regularly abuse the young boxers. Thulasi will have to overcome more obstacles than just winning the tournament if she is to achieve her goals.

This powerful documentary from Beathe Hofseth and Susann Østigaard reveals the brutal underbelly of amateur sports and the treatment of women in India. Following Thulasi for three years it documents the ups and downs of this inspirational woman's fight to take control of her future.

What the audience said

'Incredible story which was excellently shown in this doc.'

'Really intense, although I appreciated the happy(ish) ending. Keep doing what you're doing.'

'Great film, very interesting strong and inspiring lady. Hope everything works out for her in the long term. Very brave to carry on with her case & stand up for herself + for others.'

'Loved it. Positive story with all the negative news regarding women's issues coming from there at the moment. Thanks. More world movies / docs!!'

'Beautifully and realistic portrayed honest, raw and captivating. It brings all the issues in Indian society to the forefront through sport.'

'Great choice. Brilliant speakers - Thank you!'


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Below is also a list of organisations you might like to read about and contact if you are interested in some of the issues that Light Fly, Fly High touches upon:


Fight 4 Change is a registered charity that uses the sport of boxing in inner cities and socially excluded communities to engage young people in positive activities.


For more information about the film you can contact the filmmakers and distributors HERE.



Winner: Best Documentary - One World Media Awards

Winner: Oxfam Global Justice Award, IDFA 2013

Honorable Mention: Tromsø International Film Festival 2014