When reports emerge of crimes against humanity within closed regimes, Human Rights Watch sends emergency investigators to document violations and reveal them to the world. These specialist investigators, the first on the ground, are the E-Team. Russian emigre Anna and her Norwegian husband Ole cross overland into Syria to witness the abuses of Bashar al-Assad's regime, meticulously taking testimonies from the desperate and bereaved. Weapons expert Peter Bouckaert travels through Libya with New Yorker Fred, recording the bullets, the weapons and the graves. The name may make them sound like a crack team of secret agents, but what Ross Kauffman and Katy Chevigny's intimate film makes clear is that the E-Team are real people, working in desperately difficult situations, at great personal risk.

Kauffman and Chevigny's camera combines the immediacy of close-up observation in the field with sensitivity and profound humanity, bringing back extraordinary first-hand footage of the E-Team and their crucial work.

What the audience said

'Insightful and inspirational movie, unbiased view of the work presented very well.'

'Great movie, very informative and very inspiring story/people. Absolutely incredible Q&A. You guys are doing a great job! Love DocHouse!'

'Excellent, very informative. Thanks.'

'Very moving and informative, Q&A was great supplement.'

'Fantastic & well worth watching - excellent Q&A.'

'Powerful. Made the lives of people experiencing conflict normal and real, as well as the people doing something about it. Inspiring.'

'Great film & cracking Q&A. Thanks for putting it on.'

'Thought provoking, dramatic. Very good organisation, Q&A was very interesting. Thanks!'

'Very moving. Interesting in-depth interviews and insight.'

'Very moving and powerful. Inspiring work HRW undertake. As good as Red Line which I saw with you last time.'

'Amazing film - fascinating Q&A.'

'Absolutely inspiring and hugely powerful. More of this please!'


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