Dir: Jukka Kärkkäinen & J-P Passi

Following Finnish Punk rock band Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (PKN) as they face the glory and struggle that comes with fame, Punk Voyage is a film about friendship, the politics of fame, and what it truly means to be punk.


Dir: Jen Randall

Based on his best-selling auto-biography Psycho Vertical, this is a raw and emotive study of the complex life and motivations of writer, funny-man and Britain’s unlikeliest hero-mountaineer, Andy Kirkpatrick, woven into an 18 day solo ascent of El Capitan, Yosemite.


Dir: Slavko Martinov

For a historic club in Christchurch, competitive poultry pageantry is not only a hobby – it’s an obsession. Watch the feathers fly in the lead up to the NZ National Show, as they battle tradition, and each other, in their quest for glory.


Dir: Sarah Turner

When their local pub was sold to property developers as part of the ongoing gentrification of South London, a community group came together to take back the space. Public House weaves together their voices through dance, poetry and song to embody their resistance.


Dir: Danae Elon

Filmmaker Danae Elon began to film her young sons the moment she and her partner Philip decided to leave New York and return to Jerusalem. The decision was prompted by the death of her father, leading Israeli intellectual and critic Amos Elon...


Dir: Hannes Lang

Skiing. One of the most popular leisure activities in the winter: perfect powder snow, mountains, fresh air and après ski. Over the course of one year Peak follows the building and production processes around winter tourism...

Pick of Doc/Fest: CONTAINMENT

Dir: Robb Moss & Peter Galison

Part observational essay filmed in weapons plants, Fukushima and deep underground—and part graphic novel—Containment weaves between an uneasy present and an imaginative, troubled far future, exploring the idea that over millennia, nothing stays put.


Dir: Cosima Spender

Siena is home to the world’s oldest and most dangerous horse race: the Palio. Every summer riders compete through the Piazza del Campo where taking bribes and making deals is just is essential.


Dir: Anna Eborn

It's a long, hot summer in South Dakota's Pine Ridge Reservation. Through a series of intimate portraits we are introduced to the young heart of Native America - a generation ghettoised from society...


Dir: Wim Wenders

A feature-length dance film featuring the ensemble of the Tanztheater Wuppertal, illustrating the unique and inspirational art of the great German choreographer, Pina Bausch, who died in the summer of 2009.


Dir: Lucian Muntean & Natasa Stankovic

Nine-year-old Punam Tamang lives in Bhaktapur in Nepal. Punam lost her mother when she was five years old and since that time she has been the family caretaker, providing for her younger brother Krishna and her younger sister Rabina. The children see little of their father who works double shifts in a rice factory in order pay their school fees.


Dir: Ineke Smits

Vera Putina at 77 years of age is typical of the Russian women of her generation. What makes her different is that in 1999, she recognized President Vladimir Putin as the son she thought was lost forever. Did Vera's son really become the President of Russia?


Dir: Vitalij Manskij

As Russian Head of State, Vladimir Putin is one of the most powerful men in the world. An ex-KGB Officer, he became Acting President in 1999, taking over from a sick Boris Yeltsin and was elected President in 2000. Award winning filmmaker Vitalij Manskij's film starts off as straightforward reportage but then, Putin seems to take a leaf out of Clinton's book in his willingness to be open to the camera, and the film succeeds in giving us not only a unique insight into Russian political life but also a surprisingly intimate portrait of this secretive and complex central figure.


Dir: Yuri Khashchavatski

A searing anti-war essay on the Russian-Chechen war - one of the most brutal yet under-reported of current conflicts. A collection of graphic footage from freelance camera people is interwoven with Tolstoy's writings, penned during his own stint in the Russian army, fighting Chechnya 150 years ago. Tolstoy asks 'why they are fighting'. The answer seems no clearer now than it was then. All that's changed, it seems, is the level of brutality.


Dir: Paul Devlin

Power Trip exposes the electricity crisis in the country of Georgia shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union. It looks at the chaos and riots that occurred in Tbilisi, Georgia, shortly after the AES Corporation, an American global power company...